Sutra writing

Shakyo, the Sutra writing is a practice of copying the teachings of the Buddha.

In the Lotus Sutra chapter 21 "Jinriki -hon", it is said that "If you protect it, read it, explain it, copy it, and practice it, you will fulfill your wishs."

Furthermore, it is said that Shakyo has a relaxation effect and an effect of improving your concentration. It is said that by calming the mind and working on the sutras with all one's heart, you can concentrate your mind and body, get rid of your stresses, and eventually get peace of mind.



Myorin-ji's Shakyo paper already has sutra letters written lightly, so even the beginners can practice by simply writing on it with a brush or pen.

You can freely download the Shakyo papers from this page (for personal use only).

Shakyo is not just about writing letters, but about writing with your wishes such as physical health and family safety.

Please send the written Shakyo papers to Myorinji.

We will Kito bless the Shakyo paper you wrote so that your wish will come true.

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