The Myorinji International Missionary Network is a network to spread the teachings of Nichiren shonin to Nichiren-shu believers and Nichiren-shu priests around the world.

We provide educations for oversea priests and Shami (novice priests) from Japan.


About Myorinji

Myorinjiis a temple of the Nichiren shu with a history of more than 700 years.

Nichirin shonin, the founder of Myorinji temple is one of the nine senior disciples of Nichiro shonin.

Myorinji is located in Oiso Town, Kanagawa prefecture (map) , near Kamakura.

It is also the Kanagawa branch ofSaijo Inari, which is one of the three major Inari temples in Japan.

Myorinji is one of the few temples where you can receive Inari Kito blessing.

Myorinji is also an educational institution for Nichiren shu priests and shamis living abroad.



Administrator of the Myorinji International Missionary Network

Rev. Riju Kumazawa
Riju grew up in the Puunene Nichiren Mission in Hawaii, where his father was a resident priest.He became a doctor and has helped many patients around the world, but he aspires to be a Nichiren shu priest to save those whocannot be saved by medical treatment.Riju became a Shomyo master to spread the correct teachings of the Nichiren shu to the priests and shami (novice priests) . Now, he is working to spread the teachings of the Nichiren shu for believers and priests living abroad.



Help Us Spread the Buddha's Dharma

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